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Hey, I'm Pathy! Well, actually my name is Joshua Law. I have been involved in the carposting community for 6 years, beginning my journey on November 17, 2014. To expreess my gratitude to the community, as well as celebrate my six whole years in carposting, I decided to do something special. Something big. Something that would add to the community I love immensly.

I have a few passions, one of which is the vast world of technology. I am certified in software engineering and web development, and enjoy working on all sorts of computers, tech, and machinery. Because of this, I figured what could be better than using my knowledge and professional skills with tech to create something for the RiseUpCars community?

Enter the RiseUpCars Oficial Website! I began production of the site on the exact date of my 5-year anniversary of carposting, and launched it for applied testing on December 16, 2019. If you like the site, please check out my tech services at my server hosting site, PeaceTree IT. Also feel free to contact me via the PeaceTree directory site if you'd be interested in your own website. I'm always looking for side projects, so I'd be more than happy to program a professionl-grade website for any RiseUpCars members, free of charge. Consider it my gift to all of you in RiseUpCars! If you do want me to design a website for you, visit my web directory page mentioned earlier, or just email me at admin@peacetree.online.

Anyways, that's how this whole website came to be. Of course that really has very little to do with my actual life (so much for an 'about me' page right? lol).