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About Carposting

Carposting is a vague style of meme or comic, in which each user profile represents a specific vehicle that is used as the basis of that user's content. The nature of content is very similar to shitposting. Although carposting exists elsewhere, the majority of content resides in Instagram under the tag #riseupcars.

Carposting Communities

As mentioned, carposting is most relevant on the Instagram platform. However, carposting communities also exist on other media outlets. Most carposters around the web use the 'riseupcars' tag, regardless of media platform, however some carposters do not choose to be affiliated with this tag. See our All Members section for a list of carposters.

RiseUpCars News

*RiseUpCars News will be updated at least once every two months. Stay tuned!

New Year, Same 'Rona

Happy New Year, 2021!

Pathy here again with a short little message. First off, I'd like to say Happy (belated) New Year! As I've stressed before, the COVID-19 issue is not one to be ignored. We may be in 2021 now, thus officially now putting us in a new decade, but the problems we face are still ever-present. Please don't think that we're out of this yet, because if we drop the effort now we will lose all our recovery progress. If we all just do as we've been told by medical professionals for some time now, we will soon be in the clear. Anyway, enough of that. Happy New Year, and welcome to the new 2020 decade! Stay safe and smart everyone, Peace!

Posted 1/11/2021

Pathy Says "Stay Safe!"

Pathy's COVID Message

Times are tough. The world is in disarray. COVID-19 is sweeping the planet, bringing people down to their knees in sickness. So please, for the health of yourself and those in your local area, stay safe. Social distancing is difficult, and trust me I know. I have not personally seen my girlfriend in 53 days (yes, I've been counting). No matter how badly you want to see loved ones, please resist the urge and protect them by staying away. And when you do leave the house, for gods sake just wear a mask and gloves. I know you may not like it, but it is your responsibility as a human being to help prevent the illness and death of those you inhabit the planet with. If we conform to the guidelines of our local governments, this will all be over soon and you can live your best lives again with the ones you love. Thank you, and stay safe!

Posted 05/07/2020

Happy New Year from Pathy!

Happy New Years from Pathy!

As 2019 comes to a close, I'd like to take a moment to honor all carposters, past and present, who made this past year what it was for our community. This year brought many surprises, both good and bad, but through everything we still managed to pull through and flourish. I would like to thank all of you for making this international group what it is. I'd also like to personally welcome you all to the new year. May 2020 bring you and your families happiness and peace!

Posted 01/01/2020

RiseUpCars Official Website is live!

The RiseUpCars Official Website

In celebration of his 5 years in carposting, Pathy has began development of a new website for RiseUpCars. The site entered development on November 17, 2019, the five year anniversary of Pathy's carposting. If you would be interested in your own website, visit Pathy at PeaceTree IT Services.

Posted 11/17/2019

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