Press Reviews

A tale of long lost friends caught in a spine-shivering incident. This film will leave you thirsting for answers, while easily satisfying your sense of fear.
- Rotten Pumpkins

Wildly fun, action packed thriller written not only for the purpose of inflicting fear, but also including elements of renunionship and office humor.
- Eternity Magazine

Truly suspenseful movies are hard to come by these days, but Khamvongsouk and his crew have broken that trend with their new film, Expedition Bloodshed.
- IMBDead

Expedition Bloodshed has plenty of suspense and terror, although we feel that it could benefit from doing away with the comedy scenes and focus only on scaring the living daylights out of viewers. However, we think that overall this film is worth the watch.
- BAD Magazine

The first thing that will come to mind as you walk out of the theater will be 'Wow, I still can't believe that ending!'. The film does an excellent job toying with the mind, and is sure to leave you with just the right amount of confusion. No event in the story is how it first seems, least of all the ending, and that is something we hope to see in all future thrillers.