Years ago, four up-and-coming software developers, Alan, Josh, Xavi, and Konnor were part of company called "The Muskrats", specializing in creating the perfect sandwich. However shortly after, international conglomerate T. Martin Industries bought The Muskrats and liquidated the company, causing the group to be broken apart.

Over a decade later, the four former Muskrats miraculously find themselves back together again after another company, Bloodshed Technologies begun bringing in new employees in mass numbers. As traditional for new team members at Bloodshed, the reunited Muskrats were sent overseas on a safari trip as a team building exercise, but only a few hours on the trip, everything starts going horribly wrong.

The question must now be asked: Were the horrors at Bloodshed really an unfortunate accident? Or was there more to this story than meets the eye?

Take a vicious journey through suspense, action, and mystery.
EXPEDIITION BLOODSHED, coming this Halloween to a theater near you!