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Information about my operation can be found below. Please reach out to me with any questions or to request service.


About Me

Nice to meet you! My name is Joshua Law, and I am the sole proprietor of PeaceTree IT. Tech is my passion, particularly anything computer-related. I am a college student currently attending Tri-C for software engineering, and I can really use your business and support to get where I'm going.

I enjoy helping anyone and everyone in getting their computer running and easy to use, but most importantly I enjoy learning new things about my field of study. And the best part is that I come to you! No need to worry about dropping your computer off at the shop - I'll come right to your door.

My Mission

My ultimate goal is to make your computer usable. Whether that means fixing software issues, repairing hardware, or even just making your Mac or PC easier to use, I'll do anything to keep you up and running and hopefully make your day better in the process.

I am here for you! There are some things that I simply cannot do for a wide variety of reasons, however if something is beyond my ability or control, I will be more than happy to assist and advise you in getting what you need to get it resolved. Think of me as your personal all-around tech fix-it guy.


Software Fixes

Software Fixes

Includes most basic issues with your operating system, drivers, or specific software.

Please note that I may not be familiar with every software you might have. Please specify the software you'd like help with when requesting service.

Optimization and Tune-Up

Optimization and Tune-Up

Keeps your computer running as quickly and as smoothly as possible by removing junk files and optimizing your system.

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

Hardware Repairs and Upgrades

Repairing, replacing, or upgrading hardware due to failure or age. May include RAM (memory), Hard Drive or SSD storage, Battery, CPU (desktops only), and more.

Web Design and Hosting

Web Design and Hosting

Let me design and build your website for you! I can customize your website to fit your business or organization perfectly. And I'll work closely with you to get your site developed, deployed, and running smoothly. And once it's configured up to your standards, I can even host it for you!

IBM PC XT Model 286 from 1986
Above is my 1986 IBM PC XT Model 286, donated by a very generous local man through my Reboot, Reuse, Recycle program. It stands as my most prized machine in my personal collection.


Please consider contributing to my small business and our community! I sincerily appreciate any and all tech donations you can make to either of my two efforts.

The first of my donation programs is a work-in-progress that I'll be calling PC Repairity, a basic charity effort that will work to put working PCs into the hands of those who cannot afford new ones. The second is a museum program for older vintage tech that I call Reboot, Reuse, Recycle. Details on these programs can be found to the right, or below if you're on a mobile device.

This program is currently a work-in-progress.

When launched, it will act as a means of fixing up computers for those who cannot afford to take their system somewhere for repair, even going so far as to donate entire systems if needed. When a computer is turned in to this program, I will assess it to determine if the computer itself can be salvaged. If so, it will be donated. If not, I will strip it for parts to be used to repair said broken systems.

Check back later for more information once this program is launched!

Reboot, Reuse, Recycle is an effort to preserve older tech that may be significant to history or just generally interesting. As a collector and restoration hobbyist, I fix, clean up, and restore vintage machines to be saved in my collection. I do not make any money off of this, as it is purely a hobbyist initiative. If I do have to sell any classic machine donated to this program, any proceeds will be donated to charity (I'm an animal lover so my go-to charity is Save Ohio Strays).

Plus, any vintage donation taken through this program will get you 50% off your service!

Contact Me

(330) 907-3708

Feel free to call or text me for more information on my services. A text is preferred, but if you'd rather call, you may have to leave a message.

Contact Information
My 2011 Mac Pro Server

Server Specs for Nerds

This website is being hosted on my own server system I built inside my 2011 Mac Pro running a modified copy of MacOS X High Sierra. I run it using an Apache client and Homebrew to help streamline my command line.
It's specced out with the following:

- Intel Xeon Quad-Core Processor @ 2.8GHz
- 32GB DDR3 Memory @ 1066MHz
- ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB Graphics
- 4 Hard Disk bays for dedicated site-hosting
- Port-Forwarded Mesh Router System
- Fiberoptic Gigabit Ethernet