Our Inspiration

Our group is based off the Legendary Michael (Goob) Yagoobian. For those of you who are uncultured swine, Goob is also known as Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons and he wears a failed robot bowler hat that was invented by Mr. Robinson and is named Boris. Goob grows up and wants revenge on Lewis Robinson because Lewis as a kid kept Goob up all night while he was making an invention and then Goob fell asleep at his baseball game and the team lost it, so then he was out for revenge. In the Future Goob and Boris are united by their mutual hate for Mr. Robinson . Then they go back in time, screw some stuff up and make lots of Robotic bowler hats like Boris and then they start causing panic. Back in the future the Bowler hats have taken over and the robots have taken control of humanity and the world.

Picture of Goob

This helped to inspire us here at Robot Prevention Group because we don not want the robot uprising to happen and our lives be controlled by robots like in the movie. We want to help spread our knowledge to you to make sure that you get rid of all electronic devices and stop the robot uprising and help the world become Amish or Mennonite.