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Welcome to Grand Adventures!

The Grand Adventure Wilderness Park is the perfect getaway for anybody seeking peace and serenity in the great outdoors. Our main philosophy is preservation. We strive to maintain the natural beauty of our property, even rivaling that of a state park. Our main office is located right off I77 on the Scenic Highway, making it a fantastic detour for family vacations. Don't think however that your stay will be compromised by bustling interstate travel! Upon arriving, you will be personally shuttled eleven miles into the wilderness by our team of off-road drivers available 24/7. Your grand adventure begins here!

About our Park

Located in the feral heart of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, Grand Adventures Wilderness Park is the ultimate primitive experience. Explore the Earth just as Mother Nature intended. At Grand Adventures, we are dedicated to bring to you and your family the lost gift of the great outdoors.

Featuring just over 110,000 acres of pure Earth, the park provides an abundance of space for you to explore at your own pace, as well as participate in one or more of our world-renowned nature tours. We also have a wide range of overnight staying options, and will cater to just about any accomodations at your request.

Adventure Packages


Our park has three lodging options:

Main Lodge- Our mountain resort for the luxury 'glamper'. Prices range from $200-$350/night.

Cabin Rental- An isolated two-floor 'A'-frame. Prices range from $75-$120/night.

Tent Camping- For the true mountaineer. Private sites as low as $15/night.

Guided Tours

Grand Adventures offers many guided nature tours, as well as hiking trails for general use.

Guided Nature Tours- Choose from a variety of private trails to venture, complete with a guide so you don't get lost.

Learning Tours- You're never too old to learn! Hike a private trail of your choice along with a guide to teach you about various wildlife.

Free-Roam Permits

Purchasing a free-roam permit will allow you to explore the great outdoors on your own time. Venture into the vast forest, on or off trails, and experience the great outdoors as our primitive ancestors knew it.

Permits are $50/person. Children under 12 are $10, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Permit holders must be Leave No Trace trained. Grand Advetures offers the short LNT Training Course, free to all.

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